Cosmetic Services

Our providers and aestheticians specialize in analyzing your skin to determine treatments to improve skin texture, relax lines and rejuvenate the skin.

Laser Treatment of Redness and Pigmentation


Northwest Dermatology and Research Center, LLC offers advanced laser therapy with the innovative Candela GentleYAG. The GentleYAG laser system safely and effectively reduces the appearance of redness (vascular) issues on the skin. Some of the most common conditions treated with the GentleYAG are:

  • Spider veins on the face
  • Spider veins on the legs
  • Angiomas (cherry spots)
  • Rosacea

The GentleYAG laser treatment delivers a targeted burst of light energy through the skin and into the epidermis or vein. When treating redness or veins, the laser causes veins to coagulate and shrink, fading in appearance or disappearing all together.

Age Spots or Stubborn Brown Spots

The Candela GentleLase is a clinically proven and safe treatment for unwanted brown spots associated with sun damage and aging. Often, brown spots can be removed in a single treatment.

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